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August 31, 2012 by pemean


This blog is for people who are looking for free or lowcost opportunities to help them make money through intelligent risk averse betting and sports trading.

Why the ‘Glass Box?’

I am sick and tired of seeing cliched internet marketing hype for sports betting and trading systems along with ‘expert’ tipsters all trying to sell their stuff and nonesense. Secrets, lies and statistics gloss over the fact that if these people were so successful why would they want to sell their wares – obviously because they make more from such activities than they do by following their own systems. ideas and tips! Not all vendors fit this description of course – just most of them!

The Glass Box is an attempt to show and share ideas in a transparent and honest way. I will post my thoughts and findings as I go along and transmit my own attempts to make a profit through different strategies.

Keep calling back and see how I get on – this blog will help me to focus and hopefully assist my take off into sustained economic growth.

If you wish to share or swap any ideas, strategies or systems please feel free to message me below.




  1. Hey m8 check out the site and tell me what you think

    • Thanks for the link LT- some good stuff about low liability tennis trading here. Where have you developed your ideas from ?
      I have just subscribed to the ‘Trading House’ and a similar philosophy is used there but it seems to rely purely on looking at the charts with no interest in the form/match. Your ideas encompass both and are more in line with mine. I would like to see a record of some your trades to add some pragmatic results to your theoretical background – always think this is an important ingredient for positive learning.

      • john

        How you finding Trading the Horses ? I am a member to

      • Sorry John, it is sometime since I wrote that blog page! I found the ‘Trading the Horses’ site a useful learning vehicle…and I learnt it did not really suit my trading style and I prefer to use tennis and football for a variety of strategies! I only tend to use horse racing for returning matched betting offers now, along with the occasional low level laying!

  2. Hi Peaman, very pleased to find your Sports Trading Edge review – we desperately need more honesty/transparency in this industry, which is plagued by chancers and shysters. Please stick with us over the next couple of months, we are extremely grateful for any objective exposure to our site. Coincidentally I published a link for the interim Club 10-30 selections yesterday so please take a look when you get a chance.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your blog!

    Cheers, Optimus (sportstradingedge)

    • Thanks for the comment Optimus and congratulations with the recent success of the Club 10-30 tips; 17 winners with a Gross Profit of 66.66 points (£333.30 to stakes of a fiver) in just 10 days is a fantastic return and begs the question why are your tips not on the daily email as they are easily outperforming the regular/sole contributer!
      All the best for the next month – would like to see more sports being covered using the strategy handbook though!

  3. Ray

    Hi. I’m Ray, as in “Rays Lays”. Thanks for covering the trial, but I had a couple of comments I’d just like to make.
    At the start of the trial Steve stated clearly that the advised staking plan was not to lay a fixed amount on every selection, as you’re currently doing, but to use one of the other two methods – either stake to lose a fixed amount if the horse won, or to lose a fixed percentage of your bank eg. 10% or 5% if you’re more cautious. This is because the odds of the selections can fluctuate a lot after I pick them. Using either of the recommended methods the system is currently in profit.
    The other point is that you mentioned there was no explanation about the reasoning behind the selections. Actually there is an explanation of the thinking behind the overall system on the members’ website, but I’ll admit it’s a little hard to find. If you look in the comments section at the top someone called Anika asked about the reasoning, and I gave a fairly long explanation. Basically, the selections are stats based. I maintain a database of all races and Betfair data going back a number of years, and then developed computer programs that use this to look for profitable patterns for lays (the explanation on the site goes into more detail).
    Hope this helps a bit.

    • Thanks for the comment Ray and good luck with the rest of the trial.

      I am laying to £20 flatstakes as shown by Steve(in the pink column – most risky but better return) – I am also doing this as it is easier to compare results with other services – a practice which is used by ‘The Race Advisor’ in finding services for their racing portfilio. I have noted your comments above so visitors to my blog are alerted to the fact that the other staking plans would be showing a profit.
      I have also adjusted the comment about the selection process which you directed me too so thanks for that.

      Obviously the trial ends soon which is a shame as it is showing some promise – but with the days lost and the very short trial period it is difficult to form a consistent judgement. But at least you have the right approach of presenting a live trial to prospective purchasers and looking at past results this looks like it could be a useful addition to a portfolio.


  4. Greetings Pemean,

    Thank you for an informative and lovely critical site. I myself dislike systems where I can’t verify results over an extended period of time.

    I have for the past year been developing a system based on statistics to find good bets. It started with being a “wonder if this is possible” but started showing real promise, and quite interesting results. So I was thinking to have someone else but me actually test it.

    Since I noticed you have also complained about the lack of guarantee / refund option, I thought maybe you’d like to have a look in, since I do offer exactly that.

    It is expected to be a bit slow in June and July, due to the low number of games, but based on the past three years will still show a decent profit.

    If you are interested, please get back to me by email, and I’ll sign you up. And of course answer any questions you might have.

    With gratitude
    Carsten Dan

    • Thanks for the invitation Carsten. I would welcome the opportunity to run a trial of your service and provide a completely independent review. I have had a look at your site and emailed you so you can sign me up. Look forward to hearing from you and setting up the review.


  5. brunojames1987

    Great blog keep up the good work

  6. Great site lots of valuable information shared. Keep up the good work

  7. lisa

    Hi Pemean

    Very interesting blog.

    I too was member of trading house circa 2012. Lots of great info but I am best suited to learning by videos, and Justin admits he was unable to do these. However, he was extremely helpful and I often find myself reading his material again as it is gradually beginning to sink in! Also member of MMR.

    Looking forward to your updates!



  8. Ray

    Hi Pemean,

    Stumbled across your blog this morning and have spent the last hour or so reading on here.

    At the moment there is a message on your site saying “We cannot load blog data at this time”, hopefully this is only a temporary glitch and that you are still active with your blog.

    It is so refreshing to find straight talking and intelligent comment.

    Many thanks,


    • Thanks for the positive comment Ray. I have neglected the blog since July as I have been too busy with my own trading and arbing activities(and a few other things). I have not added any content or updated things since then and there is a lot of outdated stuff on there now. I’ll update some things which I left hanging and restrict future postings to my own general progress which has certainly improved now I have developed more discipline, with just the occasional lapse into straight gambling mode! Everything seems to be working at my end but as I’m no technical expert and it’s a free blogging service it may well have issues on the user side. If you want any info on anything within the blog or generally just ask…always willing to share/help if I can.

  9. Natasha Richards

    Good Afternoon,

    Is it possible to become one of your advertisers on your blog.

    Its for our new service and blog at spreadbetting.ltd.uk

    Kind Regards

    Natasha Richards

    • Sorry Natasha, this is an advertising free zone but any free offers which would help readers gain a risk free palpable advantage would be welcome!

  10. leke

    hi pemean
    please can I’ve your contact address I’ll love 2 share some systems I use on a daily basis with u thanks!

    • No problem leke…I have emailed you! Been inactive on the blog for a few months but just about ready to get going again.

  11. ericburgess

    the link to secret bet with 95 % success is unreadable.what must i do to get the link?

    • Sorry for the late reply. Link is still working this end and should load with PDF…if not, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

      • Eric Burgess

        no have tried again but it will not work

      • Emailed to you Eric…with a bit of other info!

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